The Fashion Trek

Fashion, Trend, Style etc etc. These things have been mentioned all across the internet today, about designers who launch their collections, runway shows, models, portfolios, fashion shoots, fashion photographers, beauty pageants, love for being stylish and how to look stylish and many more. Everyone in this busy urban life schedule has always been looking at new garments in the stores which have been liked but never preferred to buy. I heard one of my friend who said, I love the silhouette and colours of the gown but how will I wear in this city? That was the moment when I thought of coming up with an answer for such a practical question which does pester myself and several youngsters especially those who would want to look as trendy and stylish as they could.

Thats when I thought of making a medium through which I can show every youngster how well do people in India make themselves look stylish and trendy. And the next step was making this blog and then I came up with the idea of capturing through photos Indian women and men who really know how to carry themselves in a much confident way not worrying much about who says what!

Being a Fashion Photographer, I have set out to show people especially youngsters on how best we can look in our day to day life, in different given situations may it be a college, office, shopping, party, holiday, travel or outdoors.

Now don’t ask me why I’m emphasizing more on youngsters! India is a young country and majority of its population is in its youth. If you ever knew, Indian population’s median age is 25 years, which is quite interesting and far ahead of several developed countries in the world. We as a youth have a full opportunity to lead Indian fashion to such an extent and bring a revolution in the present scenario. Lets get together in this blog and start a renaissance by sharing the best of our looks and best of our fashion ideas that can educate ourselves as well as show the world how fast we can progress.

All the images posted in the blog are very much real, practical, executable and loved by people who see it. Be it shoes, bags, belts, garments, jewellery or anything that makes you look good! You are going to find that all here! So start wearing the best of all the stuff in your wardrobe because you can spot me clicking you someday!


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