By the way, Who is Induj?

Thats me bummer!

Born in a small town called Kollengode in Kerala,India, I wanted to be an Mahout when I was a kid & then an Engine driver of a Locomotive during my childhood days. I would have never thought in my childhood dreams that I would be in a creative field post studies. When I was about to finish his schooling, I tried enhancing my creative skills cuz somewhere in my mind I had an inclination towards art and craft.

Three years later, I graduated from FDDI as a Footwear Designer and that was when I realised that I’m a born Designer and not an engine driver. I started experimenting with my creativity and then it had not limits. I’m still on my journey of exploring the best of design and learning creativity.

For me, photography happened by chance. I never thought I’ll be capturing precious moments and fashion flicks. Being a designer I have more inclination towards fashion and concept photography. Not just photography, I’m a drummer too..I used to play drums for my college band few years back… I lived in Bangalore for more than 5 years and worked as a Retail Designer. After a good enough experience in Retail, I decided to further enrich my career with a Masters course in Fashion. I pursued Masters in Fashion Brand Management from Polimoda, Florence, Italy. Now I’m back in India, doing full fledged fashion photography and I’ve come up with an idea of making this blog to spread the visuals of Indian street fashion across the web.

You can see my work at

With all your Support!



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