Fashion Trek, Day 1

I know it was quite difficult for me to think of doing something like this in India before I finally decided to step out and capture some street fashion. Indian streets have its own definition of fashion unlike West where you don’t get an opportunity to see much of ethnic wear. Today being my first day on this Great Fashion Trek in the streets of Bangalore, I was amazed to see how Indian men and women blend different pieces of interesting garments to mix and match & create a great looking outfit.

I spent most of the time in some malls in the city centre in the afternoon but I was disappointed to see anyone who was well dressed enough to be captured by my camera. Then the next destination that I planned to visit was Koramangala where I found the real bunch of fashionable crowd. “I Love Koramangala”, be it the crowd or places to hang out. I dropped in front of a college and found a hand full of guys and girls showing the best of their outfits and what I loved the most was the visual balance that they had maintained in their look.

I was a little scared to ask the first person whom I shot today(The guy with an amazing hairdo) because I only expected a big “NO” from him. I was completely proven wrong by him, he was quite welcoming and was interested to know what I actually do. Then this trek went on like a flow when I kept asking many youngsters. As expected, a few of them were not so sure about what I’m going to do with their images, so that just rejected my offer.

It was quite a hectic today as I had such a great visual feast all day long. Tomorrow’s going to be much more tiresome because I’m going to the biggest flea market of apparels. I’m excited and also eager to know whether the crowd out there is going to join me in this fashion trek.

Wish me Luck Guys!!


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