Wow! Thats Refreshing!

Everyday when I leave from home for capturing the street fashion I pray to God, “I must get atleast 5 poeple who let me click their pictures”. God was happy enough to get me 5 on the first day and sometimes even 9 but today it was a shower of street fashion on me. I could capture almost 50 outfits today and its going to be a hell lot of blogging for me for the next couple of days!

It was quite hectic today as I had a back to back clicking session in a street market for 5 hours without a break. Finally, I ended up with a collection of fashion disciples & a happy me.

As days progress I could notice an increased number of audience who is following my blog and I’m really happy about it. Thank you all for giving me all the support and love. Firstly, I would like to thank all the people on the street who let me click their pictures. Secondly, All those who are reading this blog, I’m grateful to you guys too!

Realised a little later that you all are Gods to me!!  So, Keep Being With me Gods!!


May Style Be With You!


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