Gesture of a Strong Woman

Gesture of a Strong Woman
Posted May 6, 2013
During my Masters in Polimoda, there was one topic which was discussed numerous times and that was regarding menswear clothing adopting feminine features of womenswear. It is predicted that in near future there will be a marginal difference between menswear and womenswear. I have seen women wearing outfits that are very masculine for eg. formal shirts and loose trousers, masculine derby shoes, wrist watches etc and as far as this outfit is concerned I could see a good amount of masculine print of a “moustache” on it. A twirled moustache is always a signature of holding a status or a gesture of confidence to the person who sees it. This can further be related to the current “Cruel Rape Scene” in India where women are still trying to put forward that they are no less than a confident man and can shatter the ones who try to disrespect them through a strong movement.
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