How to Create A Focus Area

IMG_6894  IMG_6895

On a Sunday evening when Sun was playing peek-a-boo with clouds, my eyes stopped at a beautiful neckpiece made using colourful feathers attached to a golden chain. Now, there is a logic behind this way of dressing in which you wear neutral coloured clothing and a flashy neckpiece. Here, the neckpiece catches all your attention and creates focus around your head & neck. I’m sure you all know that gold is one among the jewellery trends for Fall-2013 that has been used by designers like Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana etc. If you think gold looks cheap when compared with other metallic finishes then I must say,  Move On Guys!!  Let’s take a break from the regular stuff. Afterall, Changes are meant for Good!

Ridhii  bought this neckpiece from a brand called Blur based at Mumbai for Rs.680/-. Top: Zara, Rs.2500/-. Trousers: Forever New, Rs.3500/-.

If you are interested to know more about Fall 2013 Jewellery trends then let me know.

For more images on street fashion in India, visit the blog

May Style be with You!


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