What’s that Punk?


Hey Punk!  You own a studded phone? Really?

That’s just a mobile phone’s cover which has studs from end to end, though you cannot keep it in your pocket even though it is not so sharp. I’m sure its going to be a little uncomfortable for guys to keep this in their pocket and that might be one big reason why a girl was carrying it because she had a lovely sling bag to carry it.  I totally love the visual aspect of this phone cover and let us forget about the comfortability part of it at the moment. Not necessarily punk and rock inspired, this season has seen a lot of studs in all streams of fashion. This is the second studded streetstyle that we have spotted in Bangalore in recent times and is much more aggressive and bolder than the previous studded sleeve line.

For more images from the streets in India, visit the blog http://www.mystreetrunway.wordpress.com

May Style be with You!

#phone #streetstyle #streetfashion #india #fashion #studded #mobileaccessory #punk


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